2018 Bishop's Annual Appeal

Letter from Bishop James F. Checchio

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You and I are privileged to be called to carry out the very work of Jesus. What an honor for us to join the long line of people going back 2,000 years who have been doing this since the time of the Apostles! Thanks be to God for the faithfulness of so many generations of people between the Apostles and us! Now it is our time to continue the work of evangelization. Through the ministries and services of our Diocese, we strive to light a fire in the heart of our world, here in this beautiful part of New Jersey. Let us strive together to kindle the fire of Christ within us, so that we can share this beautiful light with others. Our neighborhoods and homes, our parishes and schools, our hospitals and social agencies—everywhere that we go is affected by the faith and Christian values we have and give witness to through our actions; and how our world needs this now! Thank you for all that you do in the work of evangelization, passing on the faith entrusted to us by our Lord Himself.