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The Diocese of Metuchen honors parents as the first educators of their children.

The following is the Diocesan position on Common Core State Standards:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has explained that Catholic schools are not required to use the Common Core State Standards. If a diocese implements the standards, whether in whole or in part, they have judged them to be of assistance with academic quality without being a detriment to the Catholic mission or purpose. The Diocese of Metuchen does not adopt the common core state standards but may adapt some of its best ideas and strategies. Many excellent educators built the common core and there are many worthwhile standards and strategies within it.  Curriculum guidelines bring focus to what must be taught in a specific grade. This is not saying that those guidelines are the only ones to be taught.  Guidelines set the foundation for the concepts that need to be covered in each grade level. The ceiling, above and beyond the minimum, is set by the ability of each child through differentiation.

In the Diocese of Metuchen we teach cursive hand-writing in relation to English Language Arts. It is important to note that the ELA appendices as it relates to the Common Core contains suggested readings that may not align with our Catholic Faith.  In order to stay true to our faith, the teacher may decide if the reading is appropriate, or assign a Bible passage to discern the differences between the content and our faith beliefs. Our Diocese understands the benefits of studying both fictional and non-fictional literature. Students will use primary documents as they mature, to examine and discuss non-fictional readings that can add spiritual, historical, and/or scientific authenticity to their learning.

Most formal standardized assessments for elementary and high school are based in common core content. Our educators use the common core state standards as one resource for our curriculum guides, know that we have sufficiently prepared our students for the common core questions and beyond on these tests.

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Metuchen have always had Christ at the heart of every curriculum content area and will continue to hold-fast to Him and His good news, the heritage of our Catholic Identity.