Carteret Parish Descriptions

A Profile of Holy Family Parish

Over 100 years ago the Polish community having settled in this area, which today is known as the Borough of Carteret, formed itself into a Catholic parish under the protection of the Holy Family. As more Polish immigrants moved into this area, the newly formed Church of the Holy Family welcomed them into its embrace.

We continue to express our Polish- American heritage within our parish community. This is reflected through the weekly celebration of Mass, the availability of other Sacraments celebrated in the Polish language and the observance of various devotions and customs, still offered in the language of our founders.

In addition, with the changes in population over the decades, Holy Family Parish has opened its doors to our brothers and sisters in Christ from other cultures and backgrounds with the same acceptance which characterized those early years of our parish's life.

We see the greatest strength of our parish constituted in its sense of pride, pride in our love for Christ's Church, pride in our own history and heritage, and pride in our ability to welcome and embrace those who choose to make this parish community their home.

What began as a wonderful home of worship for Polish-Americans has now transcended over time to include other nationalities. This same pride drives our members on with the desire to give witness to our Catholic Faith and Life in this community and to continue working hard to keep Holy Family Parish viable, visible and financially sound.

A Profile of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

Our parish, which is beginning a year-long celebration of its 100th anniversary, was founded to provide pastoral service and ministry to the growing Slovak community which had established itself in Carteret.

As the years have passed, many other Catholic families and individuals of diverse ethnic and cultural background have found a home within our parish, which was placed under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by our founding members in 1910.

Altough small in size, our parish has always tried to be large in its openness and warmth of welcome, bringing a sense of peace to our families. Today, many of our parishioners are elderly although we still have a substantial group of younger families.

We see outreach and greater evangelization effort as a vital task in our future. A personal, supportive and reverent clergy has been and remains a key element in our parish's life.

We see our parish, which looks to the graces flowing from the Lord's Sacred Heart, as having a very intimate atmosphere of mutual support and reverence, dedicated to witnessing to our Catholic Faith and serving our brothers and sisters in Christ.

A Profile of St. Elizabeth's Parish

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1914 to serve the Hungarian Catholic Community. The present church was built in the early 1920's after the original church burned. It was serviced by nuns from the Daughters of Divine Charity who taught CCD and assisted with a summer school program. The church community included the Altar and Rosary Society, Mother's Club, the Holy Name Society and the St. Vincent de Paul Society, all devoted to promoting the principles of Catholicism through the warmth and love of the Hungarian people.

This ethnic spirit remains the foundation upon which St. Elizabeth's continues to operate even though the number of ethnic Hungarians is now a minority.Our church is a warm and welcoming place where there are no strangers.

There are still some families who can trace their roots to the founders of the church and on occasion Hungarian is still spoken. Even though the demographics in the church have changed, St. Elizabeth's remains the spiritual home of those of us who believe it to be special place.

A Profile of St. Joseph Parish

St. Joseph Parish is a territorial parish that has been in existence for over 100 years. We are a diverse and multi-cultured parish with over 1,728 registered families. We have been under the guidance of a religious order (Servites) and since 1995 have been guided by the Diocesan priests of Metuchen. Our parish has had a grade school for over 50 years that currently has over 236 students enrolled.

We have many live ministries that make our parish strong which include the following: sacramental programs, religious programs, CCD with over 400 children, a well established Hispanic community with over 150 active families, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Servants of Mary, Men in Ministry, Right to Life Group, food pantry, pastoral care for sick, St. Joseph Youth Group, Adult Choir, Hispanic Ministry, Athletic Association, and Adult Education.

St. Joseph Parish is a prime example of what a faith life Catholic community should be. For many years it has been a constant and stable environment for the faithful in the Town of Carteret.