Child & Youth Protection

Rev. Msgr. William Benwell, Episcopal Vicar for Canonical Affairs
Cell: (908) 930-4558 • Office: (732) 562-2440

The Office of Child and Youth Protection is responsible for assisting the Bishop in the Diocese’s efforts to combat and prevent child sexual abuse.  The Diocesan Response Officer receives complaints of sexual abuse and notifies diocesan authorities. The diocesan liaison then immediately notifies law enforcement of the complaints.

The Office of Child and Youth Protection:

  • coordinates the implementation of the diocese’s safe environment programs including Protecting God’s Children which educates adults on how to identify and prevent child sexual abuse,
  • investigates all complaints in coordination with county and/or local law enforcement,
  • assists Church officials in canonical or Church disciplinary proceedings involving clergy charged with committing sexual abuse,
  • facilitates and ensures parishes comply with the Diocese’s policies and procedures on criminal history background checks.