Lack of Form Annulment

Protocol for Lack of Form Annulment Cases

Baptized Catholics who did not marry according to the rules established by the Catholic Church are eligible for a Declaration of Nullity based on the lack of canonical form. Those who received dispensation from “canonical form” when marrying a person of another faith do not qualify. Also, those who originally married “outside the Church” and later convalidated their union in the Catholic Church do not qualify.

A Lack of Form case received in the Tribunal must include:

  • Testimony of the petitioner before a priest or a deacon, affixed with parish seal;
  • Testimony of two witnesses before a priest or a deacon, affixed with parish seal;
  • Recent record of Catholic baptism, with notations
    (Note: Baptismal record must be no older than six months.);
  • Record of attempted marriage (should show that marriage was not a Catholic marriage);
  • Record of final civil divorce decree with filing stamp; and
  • Check in the amount of $100 (payable to the Diocese of Metuchen).

Lack of Form cases must be personally processed by a priest or deacon, therefore, the forms are only available by contacting the Tribunal.