Pastoral Life

The Pastoral Life Department seeks to share the Good News of the Gospel with all people as we welcome the stranger, strengthen the broken-hearted and affirm the dignity of each person created by God.

The Office of Respect for Life works to build a Culture of life in the Diocese of Metuchen by means of education, pastoral care, advocacy and prayer, thus helping to deepen respect for the life of every human being, at every stage and in every condition.

The Office of Family Life seeks to share Christ’s love and promote Catholic values in the lives of families through ministries that provide formation, enrichment, healing and spiritual growth.  

The Office of Hispanic Ministry responds to the cultural/linguistic pastoral needs of the Hispanic/Latino Catholics.

The Office of Multi-Cultural Ministry facilitates and provides pastoral care to immigrants and people of different ethnicities, cultures and tongues. It also seeks to promote an understanding of and appreciation for the rich cultural diversity and ethnic religious traditions.

The Office of Social Justice seeks to promote the Gospel of Jesus through fostering human dignity and the implementation of the Theological Virtue of Charity and Love of Neighbor, while integrating the Cardinal Virtue of Justice, to eliminate the root causes of unmet needs and human suffering.

Sr. Ruth Bolarte, IHM, Executive Director
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