Service Organizations

We are always looking for information to add to this page. If you know of a great organization that supports our ministry with youth, let us know about it. Contact us at

Service Opportunities for Youth

This is not an exhaustive list, but includes some of the needs through Catholic Charities, where young people can help and at the same time develop an ongoing relationship with people they serve. For more information simply call Maria Hemmerick (former youth minister, now volunteer coordinator) at 732-257-6100,

 1.  Child care – work with infants, toddlers and, children from families in need
          a. New Brunswick- Youth Enrichment Services- (3 and 4 yr olds.)
          b. All Counties- School Age

2.  Tutor/mentor – helping other students with their homework, reading stories to children, being a person that’s a role model for the young people.
          a. New Brunswick- Naomi’s Way – transitional housing, single moms.
          b. Edison- Ozanam Family Shelter - Middlesex & Somerset Counties

3.  Visiting the home bound & disabled – sit and talk and listen to seniors, help shop, Somerset County - Senior shopper (go shopping for or with seniors who can’t get out on their own)

4.  Thrift shop/food pantry
          a. Phillipsburg Thrift Store
          b. St. James Woodbridge Food Pantry
          c. St. Vincent de Paul Society

5.  RECRUIT RESOURCE FAMILIES for foster children – 500-600 kids in NJ currently are waiting for homes/foster parents.  Information is available for youth ministries to promote to parishioners

6.  Also, via the Pontifical Mission Society Office, service opportunities are available for World Mission Sunday to assist in mission education awareness. Please contact Melissa Legacki at 732-562-1990 ext.1707;

7.  See also Service Project Opportunities with those from our sister diocese in Santa Rosa, Guatemala for third world/global awareness. Fundraising/Village Sponsorship Opportunities available. Annual Youth Ministry Office Trip for Teens each summer.

8.  ServiceworX is a life-changing program for junior high students that explores Catholic faith through service to those in need. ServiceworX is facilitated by skilled youth ministry staff who help participants live their faith through engaging prayer services, lively discussions and dynamic community service. A week-long day program taking place at local parishes and schools, ServiceworX is a fun-filled way to help young people learn the meaning of faith and community.

9.  JusticeworX is an amazing week-long summer experience for high school students that provides participants a life-changing experience of faith, service and social justice! At JusticeworX, students encounter amazing prayer & worship, eye-opening justice education and awesome community service projects. JusticeworX is about exploring what it means to live our faith in the world. We try to understand what it means to live as a Christian by working with high school students to foster their spirituality, build supportive communities, and teach them how to be Gospel-based advocates for peace and justice. We call what happens at JusticeworX “training for transformation.” Whether it’s through fun-filled activities, seeing amazing presentations, talking with peers or building long-lasting friendships, you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime!