Missionary Trip

For years now, the Diocese of Metuchen and the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala have enjoyed a very special partnership. Over the years, various parish delegations as well as diocesan delegations have visited each other's diocese to learn from each other and build bonds of solidarity. In 2012, we put together a delegation of young adults to visit Guatemala, to break bread and share with our brothers and sisters. This experience will allow young adults to learn about the struggles of our brethren, share our gifts and talents, and deepen our love for our God.
Participants spent a week at the Centro de Rehabilitación y Promoción Humana, Beato Luis Guanella. This center for persons with special needs is located in the Aldea Chapas in Nueva Santa Rosa. The center is a non-profit Catholic Association that offers comprehensive programs for people with disabilities. The center works directly with persons with disabilities as well as their families and communities. Inspired by Christian ideals that defend the human dignity of each person, the center opens its doors to the community, favoring the development of just and equitable opportunities that lead to the construction of a better world.

Our last trip took place on August 2-9, 2014.