Parish Pastoral Council Resources

Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils

Deanery Council By-Laws

Training for Parish Leaders:

Workshops for Parish Pastoral Councils


The following are resources shared by Robert Choiniere of the Diocese of Brooklyn at the September 18, 2009 Vibrant Parish Pastoral Councils Conference.

 Discernment and Prayer Resources are all in PDF format.

Discernment Resources

Pastor Letter to Prepare for Discernment

Bulletin Announcements for Parish Pastoral Council Discernment

Liturgy of Commissioning for Parish Pastoral Councils

Manual for Discernment Facilitators

Nominations for Parish Pastoral Council

Overview of Parish Pastoral Council Discernment Process

Parish Pastoral Council Identification Form

Pastor Letter to Follow-up to Discernment Meeting

Prayer Resources

Discernment Night Prayer ~ English | Spanish 

Night Prayer Service ~ English | Spanish

A Spirit of Wisdom

Create a Clean Heart, O God

End-of-Year Prayer Service

Faithful to the Vision

Grounding Ourselves in Hope

Prayer Celebrating the Ministry of Leadership

Lenten Prayer of Longing and Return

Prayer Basics for Parish Pastoral Councils

Prayer for Servants of God

Prayer of Cornerstone

Resources for Faith-Sharing

The Slow Work of God

The Spirit of God Fills the World

Where is the Church?