Apostolate for Military and Veteran Families

Mission Statement

In May, 2013, the Apostolate for Military and Veteran families was founded to address the various emotional, spiritual and pastoral needs of those men and women who have defended our country in all branches of military service.

As an initiative promoting the goals of the New Evangelization, the Apostolate works in collaboration with partner organization and established veteran services that seek to heal spiritual wounds and promote the dignity of the person at all levels.



Program Objectives

The Apostolate for Military and Veteran Families (AMVF) seeks to:

  • Increase awareness of the need for outreach to military and veterans families
  • Establish  a contact  person in every parish for dissemination of information and networking purposes
  • Share Christian hope with those on the margins or disconnected from their faith communities.
  • Resource and develop referral capacities to other military, Guard & Reserve, veteran, community and faith-based resources
  • Partner with local agencies in providing  pastoral care and training for parishes developing outreach ministries
  • Sponsor Retreats and Recollection Days for Military individuals and families
  • Share Best Practices with other diocesan offices and service providers seeking to serve our military and veteran families

For more information, email us - amvf@diometuchen.org