Youth Ministers

Forms in English
Teen Registration Form (Fillable)
Teen (event-specific) Permission Slip
Teen Code of Conduct
Release to Administer Medication
Self-Administration of Medication 
Waiver of Liability 
Walking Permission Slip
Cell Phone/Electronic Devices Policy Agreement
Youth Ministry Volunteer Application
Adult/Volunteer Code of Ethics
Adult/Volunteer Off-Site Registration 
Adult Code of Conduct
Driver Information Sheet 

Forms in Spanish
Release to Administer Medication (Autorizando al Personal)
Self Administration of Medication (Auto-Medicacion)
Teen Code of Conduct (Codigo de Conducta)
Teen Permission (Permiso de Adolescentes)
Teen Registration (Formulario de Registro)
Waiver of Liability (Convenio para Eximir de Responsabilidad)

Please contact us if you want to receive these files in WORD format.

National Certificate Program in Youth Ministry Studies          
Designed for adults who work with junior and senior adolescents, this program offers something for everyone from those who are new to ministry to those who are seasoned professionals! We highly recommend this program as a valued spiritual, practical, and developmental tool for acquiring depth and creating a profound impact in your ministry.

Service Organizations   
Here you will find information about some organizations that offer service opportunities for youth.
We are always looking for information to add to this page. If you know of a great organization that supports our ministry with youth, let us know about it. Contact us at 

Retreat Centers 
Here you will find a list of retreat centers that can serve to host your next youth ministry retreat, or for your own personal nourishment.

Retreat Facilitators 
Looking for someone to lead a youth ministry or confirmation retreat?
Here is a list of local youth ministers and/or speakers who would love to give you a hand.

Helpful Links 
Here is a list of helpful websites.