Confirmation Preparation

Bishop James F. Checchio confirms young men and women at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in Sayreville. (Photo by Magdalene Florczak)

Often the anticipation of the Celebration of the Confirmation Liturgy makes many people concerned or anxious. That’s normal because, for most parishes, this only happens once a year or sometimes every two years. This tension may also draw out the very best that the community has to offer.

There may be people at this Mass that are family or friends of the candidates. For some, they likely decided to be at the Mass to offer support to the candidates at this important moment of their lives. Some may be visiting your parish for the first time or perhaps do not know Jesus Christ. So it is important to remember that this Confirmation Mass might be an important opportunity for meeting Christ. These moments for encounter are: when the assembly prays and sings; or in the person of the minister; or when the Word is proclaimed; or uniquely in the elements of Bread and Wine. So try to take time to think about how the celebration will proceed so that all these ways that Christ is present can be evident to the people in the congregation. Remember: A good and vibrant celebration can nurture faith while a poor celebration may hinder it.

This resource is provided to you to assist you with the preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy, but the principles that are given here will also provide a good model for the preparation of other parish liturgical celebrations throughout the liturgical year.

As you study these tools, feel free to take note of any questions that arise. Then if you need more help, call Tony Varas, Director of the Office of Worship at 732-562-2435 or email him at


A preparation checklist
Detailed guidelines
Confirmation Ritual Text – English
Confirmation Ritual Text – Spanish/English
Scripture readings for the Confirmation
Universal Prayer (Intercessions)
A Template for a People’s Participation Guide (Worship Aid) – MSWORD
URL (Form) for providing information to Candace about the Confirmation that is unique to parish
Recommended Resource by Fr. Paul Turner  – this will be a link
Post Confirmatin Information reporting to the Bishop’s Office (PDF)