Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Real Effects of Physician-Assisted Suicide:

Take Action to stop Physician-Assisted Suicide in NJ!

Update: The Senate Health Committee released A2451/S2474 from Committee on 11/3/16 by a vote of 5-3 with one abstention. Please take the action listed below immediately!

The full Assembly passed A2451, the Physician Assisted Suicide bill on 10/20/16.

Action needed:  Call your state Senator and urge him/her to vote NO on A2451/S2474. Then call Gov. Christie and urge him to veto A2451/S2474 if it reaches his desk.

Phone # for Governor: 609-292-6000. You can also send a prewritten email to your Senator:

This assisted suicide bill is a direct threat to anyone viewed as a cost liability to an insurance company. In an era of cost control and managed care, patients with lingering illnesses may be branded as an economic liability, and decisions to encourage death could be driven by cost. 

The facts are clear - in California, in Vermont and in Oregon - states that have passed assisted suicide bills - insurance companies have denied individuals healthcare coverage but offered them low cost drugs to end their life.

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The proposal of a New Jersey Death with Dignity Act is another attempt to undermine the sacredness of human life, and it demands a vigorous response from Catholics and all people of goodwill. 
Today many people fear the dying process. They fear experiencing pain, losing control, being abandoned or becoming a burden on others. As a society, we will be judged on how we respond to these fears. 
The Death with Dignity Act, which is modeled after similar laws in Oregon and Washington, allows doctors to prescribe the means for patients to kill themselves. All suicide is a tragedy and the notion that assisting a suicide shows compassion is truly misguided. In fact, providing a legal option to commit suicide with a physician’s help could be perceived as an obligation by many terminally ill patients concerned about being a burden to loved ones.  We are called to comfort the sick, not help them kill themselves. True compassion alleviates the suffering while maintaining solidarity with those who suffer. People who request death have lost hope and are vulnerable and often depressed. They need our care and protection, not a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs. 
Every human life, at every stage and in every condition, has inherent value and dignity bestowed by God. We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. We need to reject the Death with Dignity Act. Instead, we need to continue to work to create measures that will ensure that the sick and dying are surrounded with love, support and companionship and are provided with life-affirming solutions needed to ease their physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

End-of-Life Issues:


• Follow these action steps to live each day with dignity (National Catholic Partnership on Disability)
• Contact your State Senator (New Jersey Catholic Conference)
• Pray using these resources (USCCB)


 Learn how ‘To Live Each Day with Dignity: A Statement on Physician-Assisted Suicide’ (USCCB)
• Understand the 'Catholic Perspective on End of Life Care' with this PowerPoint (Office of Respect for Life, Metuchen)
• Remember 'Love Never Abandons the Suffering' by reading this article (By Drs. Angela and David Franks)
• Consider your moral duty with the use of a 'Ventilator' by reading this article (The National Catholic Bioethics Center)
• Examine Church Teaching with 'A Catholic Guide to End-of-Life Decisions' (The National Catholic Bioethics Center)
• Inform yourself and your loved ones of your 'Advanced Directive for Health Care' (New Jersey Catholic Conference)

• Use these 'Talking Points' to oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide (USCCB)
• Speak to parishioners using these 'Preaching Points' for Priests/Deacons (The National Catholic Bioethics Center)
• Display this Physician-Assisted Suicide Flyer:
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• Insert these Bulletin Announcements in your parish bulletin, on your parish's website or social media pages:
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