Retrouvaille for Couples in Troubled Marriages


This program assists couples who are presently experiencing serious problems in their marriage. It consists of a weekend experience from Friday night to Sunday afternoon followed by six post-weekend sessions. Both partners must express a desire to attend the weekend and a willingness to work at their marriage.

During the weekend, presentations are made by a team of three married couples and a priest. The presentations deal with a technique of communication that enables a couple the ability to examine areas of their relationship. After each presentation, the husband and wife have time in the privacy of their room to discuss the previous presentation as it relates to them. The six follow-up sessions continue to rebuild the relationship.

Next session:  August 24-26, 2018

For more information about Retrouvaille and to register, please call Rich and Annette Colasuonno (732) 236-0671, Tom and Pat McTague (732) 583-4468 or the Office of Family Life at (732) 243-4573.