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An Approach to Fertility in God's Plan

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is fertility awareness that can be used to naturally plan or postpone pregnancy in a healthy, effective, ecological and morally acceptable way. Couples can use the NFP knowledge to achieve, as well as to postpone, pregnancy through an awareness of natural body signs which indicate fertile and infertile times. NFP is not Calendar Rhythm, which was developed in 1930 and tried to mathematically determine the probable time of ovulation for the average woman. It did not account for individual differences. NFP provides a personal profile of each woman’s own cycle.

NFP is based on present scientific knowledge of a woman’s daily fertility signs. It can be used successfully by couples in regular or irregular cycles, while breastfeeding, during premenopause, as well as when attempting to achieve a pregnancy.

NFP is a way of life which can open new areas of mutual communication and cooperation in the marriage relationship and afford a couple new insights into the procreative and unitive aspects of their fertility. This way of life requires full participation from both partners and both must be completely familiar with the method. Couple participation is one of the strongest benefits and recommendations of NFP. However, all will be welcome to the sessions. It is often easier for couples to learn the method before marriage.

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The NFP courses are offered in a series of four classes spaced approximately a month apart. 

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The Sympto Thermal NFP classes are also available through a program at the St. John Neumann Center in Piscataway, by appointment Mon-Fri between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. To learn about the Sympto Thermal method please contact:

Rosemary Kern, MHA, Manager
Project Respect Ed.
Saint Peter's University Hospital
254 Easton Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732-745-8600 ext. 8862