Family and Pastoral Life

Secretariat For Family and Pastoral Life
Jennifer A. Ruggiero, Secretary
Phone: (732) 562-1990 ext. 1629
Rev. Brian J. Nolan, DMin, Theological and Pastoral Advisor

Office of Human Life and Dignity

Jennifer A. Ruggiero, Director
(732) 562-1990 ext. 1629
Angela Marshall, Program Coordinator
(732) 562-1990 ext. 1543

Office of Family Life Ministry

Rev. Abraham Orapankal, Theological Advisor
Aida R. Matos, Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Phone: (732) 243-4573

Courage / Encourage
Rev. David Skoblow, Chaplain, Encourage
Rev. Thomas A. Odorizzi, CO, Chaplain, Courage

Office of Discipleship Formation for Children

Carol Mascola, Director
Phone: (732) 529-7930
Katie Battle, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (732) 243-4575


Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

John Glynn, Director
Phone:  (732) 243-4576
Katie Battle, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (732) 243-4575

Office of Cultural Diversity Ministries

Rev. Juan Carlos Gaviria, Coordinator of Hispanic Lay Formation
Phone: (732) 243-4571

Aida R. Matos, Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Phone: (732) 243-4573

                  African American, African and Caribbean Apostolate
                  Rev. Alphonsus Kariuki, Co-Coordinator
                  Deacon Enock Berluche Sr., Co-Coordinator

                  Chinese Apostolate
                  Changi (Philip) Wu, Coordinator

                  Filipino Apostolate
                  Rev. Gerardo (Gerri) Paderon, Coordinator

                  Hungarian Apostolate
Rev. Imre Juhasz, Coordinator

                  Indian and Sri Lankan Apostolate
Position vacant

                  Indonesian Apostolate
                  Ian Supardi, Coordinator

                  Korean Apostolate
                  Rev. Namwoog, "Stephen" Lee, Coordinator

                  Polish Apostolate
                  Rev. Waldemar Latkowski, CSsR, Coordinator

                  Portuguese and Brazilian Apostolate
                  Position vacant

                  Vietnamese Apostolate
                  Rev. Peter Tran, Coordinator 

Office for Persons with Disabilities

Rev. John G. Hillier, PhD, Director
Phone: (732) 562-2430
Prayer Requests: (732) 765-6432

Office of Ongoing Faith Formation

Rev. Gregory Uhrig, Coordinator
Phone:  (732) 529-7933

Office of Catholic Rural Ministry

Rev. Michael C. Saharic, Coordinator

Office of Ecumenical Affairs

Rev. Guy W. Selvester, MDiv, MA, Director