Essential Resources

  • Liturgical and Canonical Statues for the RCIA: Diocese of Metuchen
  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults from the Rites of the Catholic Church
  • Catholic Bible
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church

RCIA Specific Resources

Team RCIA Articles

A list of current best-selling books on RCIA:
You can purchase most of these books online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

  • The RCIA Journey: A Resource for the Catechumenate, Deborah M. Jones
  • The RCIA: Transforming the Church, Thomas H. Morris
  • The Awe-Inspiring Rites of Initiation: The Origins of the RCIA, Edward S. J. Yarnold
  • The Conversion Experience: A Reflective Process for RCIA Participants and Others, Donald L. Gelpi
  • RCIA Spirituality: Formation for the Catechumenate Team, Barbara Hixon, Gael Gensler
  • Breaking Open the Word of God: Resources for Using the Lectionary for Catechesis in the RCIA, Joseph P. Sinwell (Editor), Karen M. Hinman (Editor), Karan H. Powell
  • Come Follow Me: Resources for the Period of Inquiry in the RCIA, Joseph P. Sinwell
  • Making Disciples: A Comprehensive Catechesis for the RCIA Catechumentate, Mujana Darian, M. Jane Carew (Editor)
  • Making RCIA Work: An Anthology of Material for Use in RCIA Groups, Christine Dodd
  • RCIA Team Manual: How to Implement the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in Your Parish, Patricia Barbernitz
  • What You Should Know about the RCIA, Charlene Altemose
  • RCIA and You: Welcoming New Catholics, Charlene Altemose
  • Sunday Dismissals for the RCIA: Candidates & Catechumens, Mary K. Milne

General Resources

Vatican II Council Documents

Bible Commentary

  • Collegeville Bible Commentary, Old Testament, New Testament
  • New Jerome Biblical Commentary, Raymond Brown, etc; Prentice Hall
  • Footprints on the Mountain, Roland Farley

Scripture Resources

  • At Home with the Word; LTP, Chicago
  • Praying with the Word, David Haas, St. Anthony Messenger Press
  • Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers, LTP Chicago

Internet Resources

There is a vast array of resources on the internet that can assist in the RCIA process. It is impossible to list them all here. Our suggestion is to use your favorite search engine to find what you may be looking for. But a word of caution: you need to be careful that what you find is "authentic" Catholic teaching, since anyone can supply information on the Internet. Some examples of reliable internet resources include: