Missionary Cooperation Plan

“Those who follow Christ cannot fail to be missionaries, for they know that Jesus “walks with them, speaks to them, breathes with them. They sense Jesus alive with them in the midst of the missionary enterprise.”
Evangelii Gaudium, 266)

Pope Francis exhorted that mission is a passion for Jesus and at the same time a passion for His people. He added that when we pray before Jesus crucified, we see the depth of His love which gives us dignity and sustains us. In Jesus’ command to “go forth”, we see the scenarios and challenges of the Church’s evangelizing mission, and how all her members are called to proclaim the Gospel by their witness of life. In a particular way, consecrated men and women are asked to listen to the voice of the Spirit who calls them to go to the peripheries, to those to whom the Gospel has not yet been proclaimed. 

The Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) helps promote the Church’s evangelizing mission, and the purpose of the MCP is two-fold. First, many missionary communities/organizations/(arch) dioceses are given a chance to appeal, personally, for prayer and financial support in our parishes. Secondly, we Catholics get the opportunity to be educated about current happenings in the mission world today. Each year from February to the end of August, each parish in the Diocese of Metuchen hosts an appeal/speaker from missionary communities, (arch) dioceses, or missionary organizations.  

Our diocese receives approximately 250 requests for inclusion in the MCP every year; only 38 “units” (groupings of parishes) are available. The Bishop has the unenviable choice of deciding which applicants will be welcomed in the Diocese of Metuchen. This office of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS), works with the Bishop, the parishes and the appealing groups in facilitating the annual MCP. In practically all instances, donations received by the appealing group are sent directly from the individual parish to the mission office of that group to support their particular ministry. We ask you to welcome them and rejoice in the opportunity to learn and grow in your faith through the knowledge and experiences they share. These funds are used by the organizations represented by these Missionaries to support their ministry. Thank you for the support and solidarity you have already given -- and will continue to give in the future.

Applying for the MCP

Thank you for applying to our Diocesan MCP. Please know that we consider our accepted participants as partners in our mutual efforts to animate and educate Catholics of the diocese and to support Catholic missions worldwide.


*Please submit your 2020 MCP Application form by October 30, 2019. Notification will be made by February 2020 by the Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

On July 20, 2018, Bishop Peter Abir, Diocese of Sultanpet – India, with his priests, Father Anthony (far left) and Father Silva (far right), met with Father Hillier. The Diocese of Sultanpet received funding from our Pontifical Mission Office for 3 motorbikes for their local priests to perform their pastoral duties including visiting the sick & homebound.

Forms for Applicants
•  2020 MCP Application
•  MCP Directives
•  Certificate of Suitability - Clergy
•  Certificate of Suitability - Lay Person

Forms for Pastors
•  2019 Evaluation Form

About our Missionaries

Visiting Bishops from the Diocese of Kurunegala (Sri Lanka), Diocese of Sultanpet (India), Diocese of Kumbakonam (India), Diocese of Kohima (India), and the Diocese of Rayagada (India) meet with Reverend John Hillier, Director of Pontifical Mission Societies. They enjoyed the hospitality of our Diocese, and during these visits, they were given monetary gifts in the form of Mass stipends, liturgical Vestry and other items for Holy Mass including chalices – all donated to our Pontifical Mission Societies through the generosity of the People of God from our parishes in the Diocese of Metuchen.

Questions? Please call (732) 243-4580 or email pontifical.mission.societies@diometuchen.org.