Integral Parish Evangelization Process

The Integral Parish Evangelization Process (IPEP) is a means of bringing authentic renewal to the parish through a systematic process of evangelization which is briefly outlined below and described in more detail in the Mission section of our website.

What it entails

  • Introduction to the Process
  • Proclamation – hearing the basic gospel message and calling forth a commitment/recommitment to Jesus Christ and gospel life
  • Discipleship – learning/formation in the basics of true gospel living
  • Apostleship – discernment of charisms and the development of individual and parochial apostolates

What it requires

IPEP requires an initial year commitment on the part of the pastor and a core team who will experience the process firsthand and then begin multiplying it within and outside of the parish.

What is its goal?

The purpose is NOT to begin another program, but rather to help people understand, and hence yield more fully to, the graces they received in the sacraments of initiation.

Essentially, IPEP seeks to bring the lived reality of Catholicism into greater alignment with the sacramental reality so that there is greater consistency between the faith one professes and that which he/she lives.

Conscious of the fact that ‘the Church exists to evangelize,’ the goal is to assist parishes in becoming truly evangelistic entities, and not merely places of sacramental maintenance, by renewing the members individually, then forming them intellectually and training them to share their faith.

How it works

As the pastor and parishioners embrace their respective call to authentic discipleship and the apostolate, the parish will begin to undergo a spiritual renewal. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. As such, it will flourish only inasmuch as there is fidelity to, and cooperation with, the Spirit.

Practically speaking, the team and the pastor will first experience the process and then be taught how to evangelize and form people in their faith. This necessitates weekly meetings for one year.

The tools used to proclaim the Gospel, to form the disciple, and to prepare the apostle are varied and will be customized according to the particular needs of the parish. The goal, however, is the same: a mature, responsible, holy and mission-oriented parish.

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