Formation & Training

The Office of Evangelization provides practical training and faith formation for individuals and parishes to equip them in the work of evangelization. Listed below are some of the courses and programs offered.

Bible Study Leader’s Formation     |     Integral Parish Evangelization Process     |    Apologetics 101     |     St. Andrew’s School of Evangelization     |          Home Visitation      |      Marian Consecration

1) Bible Study Leader’s Formation Course: Prepare to Lead 

Prepare to Lead is a nine month course to train Bible study leaders and is offered from September to May in 2-3 different locations. These locations change annually as a means of making the course accessible to all parts of the diocese. Notification of the course locations is sent to all pastors and bulletin editors in August. In addition, it is listed in the Catholic Spirit newspaper and broadcast through our e-mail database. If you would like to be included on our mailing list, please send us an e-mail. Additional information about Prepare to Lead can be found HERE.

2) Integral Parish Evangelization Process (IPEP) 

If you are interested in having your parish become truly evangelistic and would like to have an evangelization team formed by our office, please click here to learn more about the process and the commitment required. Parishioners must have the pastor’s permission to engage in this process parochially.

3) Apologetics 101 

Apologetics 101 is a course that studies different areas of the faith from the standpoint of helping the believer understand how to defend it intelligently. Many Catholics have strong faith but do not always know how to explain it to another. This course which will be offered once a month prepares one to “always be ready to offer an explanation of the hope held inside of them," which St. Peter had urged his faithful to do (2 Peter 3:15).  For more information, contact our office.

4) St. Andrew’s School of Evangelization 

St. Andrew's School of Evangelization offers dynamic and practical Evangelization Courses designed to form evangelizers for the New Evangelization.

5) Home Visitation Training 

Jesus instructed us to “go into the whole world and bring the Good News to all people” (Matt. 28). Many are awaiting the arrival of the Gospel in the confines of their homes; they may be shut-ins, disenfranchised members of the Church, non-Christians, etc. The Church has an obligation to go out to them with Christ’s love and draw them to Him. Training seminars for parishes are available with the pastor’s consent. For more information, please go here.

6) Marian Consecration 

A Marian Consecration flows from the grace of our Baptism, through which we were originally consecrated, or "set apart," for Jesus Christ and grafted into His life in the Church. A Marian consecration is a further act of entrustment particularly to the heart of Mary. In this gesture, we ask Mary to dispose us to the will of God as she herself was perfectly disposed. For more information, please go here.