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Metuchen Bishop Emeritus Paul G. Bootkoski responds to testimony of Archbishop ViganĂ²

August 28, 2018

The following is a letter from Bishop Emeritus Paul G. Bootkoski in response to the testimony of Archbishop Viganò, also available as a PDF | en español:

METUCHEN, NJ, August 28, 2018 – Bishop Emeritus Paul G. Bootkoski states Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, was mistaken in his recollection of facts regarding abuses committed by Archbishop McCarrick. During Bootkoski’s tenure as Bishop of Metuchen, he took the following steps:

  • The Diocese of Metuchen received the first of three complaints against Archbishop McCarrick in 2004, when he already was a cardinal in Washington, D.C.
  • The Diocese of Metuchen promptly reported each claim it received to law enforcement in multiple counties in the different states where the reported offenses took place.
  • Claims received by the Diocese of Metuchen regarding Archbishop McCarrick were reported to the Holy See’s representative in the United States, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo in December 2005.  At that time, one settlement already had been reached and another claim was being investigated.
  • Bishop Bootkoski informed Archbishop Montalvo first by phone as well as in writing, a day later.  This exchange is documented in a letter from Bootkoski to Montalvo, dated December 6, 2005.
  • A two-page enclosure, included with Bishop Bootkoski’s cover letter (Traducción del original en inglés), detailed three individual claims against McCarrick by adults. Because the claimants have not given the diocese permission to publish the contents of the enclosure, a summary of what was reported to Nunciature in December 2005 follows:

1. An ordained priest of the Diocese of Metuchen, who subsequently was laicized, alleged McCarrick had inappropriate physical contact with him.

2. A former seminarian of the Diocese of Metuchen alleged to have heard rumors of parties held at the New Jersey shore home of Cardinal McCarrick; however, he indicated he was not at any of the parties and put no credence in the rumors.

3. An ordained priest of the Diocese of Metuchen, who subsequently was removed from ministry due to allegations of sexual abuse of minors in the 1990s, alleged McCarrick had inappropriate physical contact with him, including sexual touching, when he was a seminarian, as well as similar encounters with other priests of the diocese.

Any implication that Bishop Bootkoski failed to report the accusations against Archbishop McCarrick to the appropriate church officials and civil authorities is incorrect.

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