St. John Vianney House of Discernment

St, John Vianney

St. John Vianney is the patron saint of priests and seminarians. He lived a simple life as a parish priest, and is a great intercessor for men discerning a priestly vocation. (Image used with permission: St. John Vianney, John Brandi Company, Inc. White Plains, N.Y.)

Located in Highland Park, New Jersey, the House of Discernment is designed for men who are working or attending college and thinking about the possibility of priesthood but are having difficulty making the decision to begin seminary. It is also for those who would benefit from some time living in a rectory with priests.

This program offers individuals a live-in experience attached to a parish and the daily assistance of priests to help them discern if the life of a priest is where God is calling them. The structure of the program is designed around the individual’s current work or school schedule and includes daily Mass, prayer, meals and one-on-one discernment meetings, at a minimum.

Discerning the Diocesan Priesthood
Simply put, discernment is the process by which a man takes the time to consider how God is calling him to serve in his life; be that through the priesthood, marriage, religious brother, or by continuing in the single life. No two individuals are alike; therefore, discernment is unique for everyone.

First and foremost, since all vocations are from God, it is important to bring this process into your daily prayer. Ask God to enlighten you to hear His divine will for you. God, who created you with a vocation, loves you and He will not fail to answer your prayers for His guidance.

Each bedroom in the discernment house has either a shared or private bathroom. The home also includes a chapel, library, kitchen, dining room, community room, laundry room and meeting room.

I. Promote vocational awareness 

II. Assist men in their discernment of God’s will concerning the priesthood 

III. Create a comfortable living environment for resident discerners

IV. Provide a place for men in discernment to have contact with the vocation director on a regular basis in order to discuss their vocations