The Mission of Office of Stewardship and is to foster stewardship as a “way of life,” wherein individuals more fully live their baptismal call todiscipleship. This is a year-round effort which challenges all Catholics to a radical conversion, taken one step at a time, to put God first in their lives.

This Office promotes Stewardship through on-going education, motivation and invitation, and by providing practical support and tools to assist the clergy and laity as they invite active stewardship in the local parish church through thesharing of time, talent and financial resources.

Stewardship Vision

  • For every parish in the Diocese of Metuchen to become a stewardship parish, which will be defined as one that:
  • Has an established Stewardship Committee that is responsible for on-going stewardship awareness and education in the parish.
  • Promotes stewardship as a “way of life” from the pulpit, in the classrooms, in the bulletin, and all other means of parish communication.
  • Conducts annual commitment renewals to call forth the gifts of time, talent and treasure of its members.
  • Incorporates stewardship principles into fund-raising, budget decisions and accountability practices.