Risk Control

The concept of Risk Control is comprised of two parts:

1) Loss Prevention
2) Loss Control

Loss Prevention is defined as the employment of mechanisms in an effort to prevent losses before they arise and can cause any damage. It is important to note however, that not every loss can be prevented, and therefore, mechanisms must be employed to mitigate the severity of those losses which could not be prevented. Some exposures to loss are simply not insurable; not all losses, even when covered, may be fully insured; and even when fully insured, loss experience will ultimately result in increased insurance premiums.

As such, it is better to try and avoid losses altogether, thus the need for effective risk control.

In an effort to assist all locations within the Diocese with risk control and management, the Office of Insurance offers a wide array of resources on several common areas of loss, which we hope will ultimately enhance overall risk prevention and management for all:

Parish Self-Inspection Program Guidelines (PDF) *updated 10/01/15

Fire Safety & Inspection Form (PDF)

Liability Exposures in Diocesan Schools (PDF) *updated 10/01/15

Water Damage Prevention Checklist (PDF)

Should you wish to discuss any concerns related to risk control in the Diocese of Metuchen, please feel free to contact the Office of Insurance at insurance@diometuchen.org.