Striving to serve our offices, departments, parishes and schools to enable them to effectively use information technology in the mission of the Church.

Consulting: We will review your technology needs and help you to choose the right technology, hardware & software to effectively use information technology to further your mission.

Hardware/Software Purchasing: At the request of parishes and/or schools, we will assist you with the purchase of computer systems from our suppliers at a very low cost through charitable and/or academic licensing. We also can assist you with the purchase of hardware such as desktops, notebooks, printers, scanners, copiers, etc.

Network Installation & Support: We provide technical support to enable computers to be setup on a network. We do not provide cabling service, but we work with third party consultants to provide this service to our parishes and schools.

Help Desk: In an effort to streamline our support and to provide more effective service, we have established an IT Help Desk for any computer related problems or questions. The Help Desk will provide immediate troubleshooting of your problem. In the event that on-site support is required, the Help Desk may assign a service person to solve the problem or refer you to a recommended technology vendor. With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.

Diocesan Extranet Service: Information Systems of the Diocese of Metuchen has implemented an Extranet service to provide our parishes, priests and staff with a secure document repository. Your organization can access documentation from any computer on the Internet through our Diocesan web site. All documentation is scanned for malware before being stored on our server.

Parish/School Web Site Hosting: ParishSOFT offers free Web solutions to connect your organization to your parishioners, the diocese ...and the world! Together with ParishSOFT Church Management Software, you can organize and automate every aspect of church life, from ministry to religious education programs.

Training: We provide and coordinate classroom training at our training labs at the St. John Neumann Pastoral & Conference Center, as well as on-line training through web conferencing. Courses are provided in applications such as Parishsoft, Powerschool, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Powerpoint, etc. Members can view our current training schedule on our website where they can request a course or register for an already scheduled course.

Diocesan E-mails: We also manage our Diocesan e-mail service. This allows us to communicate with our parishes, schools, offices, diocesan committees and ministries more effectively.

Preventative Maintenance: Computers are important tools in the functioning of any office environment. When computers break down, fixing or replacing them can take valuable time. Often minor computer problems will suddenly become major problems, causing loss of valuable data and time.