The parish information management system consists of software used by parishes to track census, financial, religious education, and ministry information; a centralized Diocesan database; and the technology to connect the two in order to share data.

The Diocese has partnered with ParishSOFT to acquire and implement the parish information management system. ParishSOFT was purchased and licensed by the Diocese.

The ParishSOFT team manages all aspects of system implementation and support, including:

  • Data Conversions
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Software Maintenance/Upgrades and Technical Support

Support is available through ParishSOFT (866) 930-4774, select option 2 for support.

ParishSOFT at a Glance
ParishSOFT is comprised of four core desktop applications. The applications reference data that is stored in a Microsoft Access database that can be shared amongst multiple users in a networked environment. A significant advantage of the system is that all parish offices can share the same data. For instance, parishioner address changes are automatically updated for the faith formation office.

Synchronization of Data
Parish data is synchronized or backed up to the diocese through a secure Internet connection and stored in a SQL database. Advantages of synchronization include off-site data backups and restoration in case of emergency; the ability to import parishioner records for newly registered families who have moved from another parish in the diocese; and simplified diocesan reporting requirements.

For more information please visit the ParishSOFT website. Please click on the following links to download Standard Operating Procedures and ParishSOFT Upgrade Instructions.

ParishSOFT Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Training Manual

The Office of Information Systems has created SOP to drive performance improvement and improving results of ParishSOFT data. Whether you're a novice user of ParishSOFT software or an experienced veteran, you can use easy to follow SOP and training manuals. The Office of Information Systems strongly recommends using SOP to maintain standardized information in the ParishSOFT database.

Download ParishSOFT standard operating procedure