HMIS is recognized as one of the best cemetery software solution in the industry. After serving the death care industry for over 16 years, they have spent years addressing the needs and wants of their customers.

Cemeteries of all sizes can benefit from their products; however, HMIS is highly regarded as the solution for complex business structures with multiple locations and a variety of database needs.

They have built their products with strong data integrity and integration, provide the reports you need and provide the integral support services like data conversion.

HMIS solves the problems concerning:

  • Multiple locations
  • Pre-arranged funeral and cemetery trust management for state regulated compliance
  • Complex commission structures management
  • Cash flow optimizaton
  • Having different uncoordinated databases at separate locations
  • It allows for entering data one time, thus minimizing data errors and inaccurate reporting. Update a field in one place and its updated.

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