Lenten Palm Crosses

Lent is a time of grace

As Catholics, we believe that when Jesus died on the cross for us, he opened the gates of heaven that we may enter into eternal salvation when we die on this Earth. Lent is a time to walk in Jesus' footsteps for the 40 days prior to his public ministry and to celebrate his passion, death and resurrection. It is a time to recognize those that have gone before us, following the example of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

To commemorate this time of Lent, we are offering palm crosses for sale. Purchased palm crosses will be placed on your loved one's grave beginning April 1 and remain in place until May 3. Orders will be accepted through April 17. Order your palm crosses today through our secure website by clicking on the link below. For questions regarding grave locations or to place your order over the phone, please call 800-943-8400.

Click here to order a Lenten Palm Cross ($16.00 each)