Bishop encourages faithful to walk with the suffering, promote sacredness of every human life

7/29/2019 - One of the cherished hallmarks of being a Christian is that we always have hope. Hope is our gift from God that proclaims there is never a situation so desperate that we would... Read more »

NJ Independent Compensation Program to open June 15 for victims of Church sexual abuse of minors

6/14/2019 - PISCATAWAY – Starting June 15, the New Jersey Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP) will begin accepting claims related to the sexual abuse of minors by diocesan priests and deacons in the five Roman... Read more »

Protect Babies Born Alive

5/21/2019 - The United States Senate failed to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which protects babies from infanticide. But there is still hope for this bill!     If the U.S. House of Representatives passes... Read more »

Statement on the passing of the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act

4/15/2019 - Bishop James F. Checchio has issued the following statement on the passage of the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, which was signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy on... Read more »

Diocese issues alert about donation scam

3/18/2019 - The Diocese of Metuchen has issued an alert regarding reports of email and text scams that will use the name of a pastor to solicit funds in the form of gift cards... Read more »

Statement by the Roman Catholic Bishops of New Jersey on what the Catholic Church has done and continues to do to Protect Children

3/4/2019 - Much attention has been given to the meeting of bishops in Rome last month called by Pope Francis to address a morally reprehensible, shameful and horrific crime – the sexual abuse of children. For... Read more »

Donate to Help Survivors of Hurricane Dorian

9/4/2019 - Hurricane Dorian has left many families homeless and has destroyed much of the Bahamas. Donations help bring relief, in the form of food, emergency shelter, and safe water, to affected families. We pray for... Read more »

Letter from Bishop Checchio on the removal of Theodore McCarrick from the priesthood

2/16/2019 - My diocesan brothers and sisters in Christ,           It is difficult to find the right and appropriate words to share with you after hearing the news this morning from the... Read more »

Bishop James F. Checchio releases names of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse

2/13/2019 - In keeping with a promise made by the Bishops of New Jersey, Bishop James F. Checchio has released the names of 10 diocesan priests and 1 permanent deacon whom have been credibly accused... Read more »