The Tribunal

The Tribunal serves those whose marriages have ended in divorce by studying the history of the relationship to determine if there was a valid bond according to the laws of the Roman Catholic Church. Those who wish to marry Catholics or have their current civil marriages to Catholics convalidated by the Church are encouraged to petition for such a study, which may result in the marriage being declared null.  If you are considering petitioning the Tribunal for an annulment, our FAQs page may be helpful.

An annulment is a declaration by the Tribunal that a marriage, from the beginning, lacked some essential element. An annulment seeks only the spiritual welfare of the parties involved. There is no attempt to assign blame for the breakup of the marriage. A Church annulment has no civil or legal ramifications.  For more information about the annulment process, please visit our Annulment Information page.

If you are ready to begin the process, please click here for Instructions and Forms.

In certain cases, a person who was Catholic or marrying a Catholic did not marry according to the canonical form (in front of a Catholic priest or deacon with two witnesses). In such cases, either spouse may petition the Tribunal for an annulment based on a “Lack of Form.”  For more information about this type of annulment, please visit our Lack of Form Annulment page.

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