Human Life and Dignity

The Office of Human Life and Dignity works to promote the pro-life position in four main areas:

  • Education - to deepen respect for human life and heighten public opposition to abortion and euthanasia and other threats against human life both in the Catholic Community and among the general public.
  • Outreach - to help to promote public awareness of outreach programs such as pregnancy help, chastity education, adoption, post abortion healing,care for the elderly and dying.
  • Public Policy - using a parish network, coordinate and encourage advocacy on national, state and local levels to promote laws that defend and protect all human life
  • Prayer - to promote programs of prayer among communities and individuals, so that the culture of death will be replaced with a culture of life.

Restoring respect for human life is an essential task of the Church. Through the implementation of the diocesan Respect for Life program and activities we hope to give witness to God's truth and to embody our Lord's command to love one another as He loves us.

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