Cultural Diversity Ministries

Welcome the Stranger – Catholic Bishops of New Jersey


The Office for Cultural Diversity Ministries provides pastoral care to immigrants and people of different ethnicities, cultures and tongues. It also seeks to encourage the inclusion and fuller participation of all God's people in the life and ministry of the Church by building up their Catholic identity in a spirit of unity in diversity.

The Office plans, promotes, and supports programs, ministries, and events celebrating the cultural diversity of the Church of Metuchen with the support of the coordinators of the different ethnic apostolates present in the Diocese. 

Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers is one of the programs sponsored by this office. This is an interactive, theologically grounded, and prayerful ministry program developed by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB). The Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers (BICM) program offers local pastoral leaders a foundation of knowledge and skills for working across cultures in ministry. It explores theological foundations for intercultural ministry, the notion of culture itself, intercultural communication, racism and other obstacles to harmonious work across culture.