Information Systems

The Office of Information Systems is responsible for the development, implementation and support of computer-based administrative systems and associated facilities, and for the management, control, operation, tuning, optimization and technical support of the systems and facilities which are operational on the central administrative servers. The office is also responsible for the provision and support of the desktop office systems of the Diocese in most of the central support units.

The range of tasks undertaken by IS:

  • Project Management & Project Planning
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Development, testing, implementation, training and support of applications software
  • Development, testing, implementation, training and support of interfaces between software packages
  • Computer Hardware evaluation, procurement, installation, management, operation, optimization, tuning and support
  • Software package evaluation, procurement, installation, customization, implementation, optimization and support
  • Procurement, installation, implementation, training and optimization of database management systems
  • User registration, systems security and backup and recovery of systems
  • Liaison with external suppliers of computer hardware, applications software, operating systems software and database management software
  • Data conversion and archiving
  • Desktop hardware and software procurement, configuration, installation and support.

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