Diocesan Coat of Arms


Quarterly or and argent; a cross moline throughout sable; in dexter chief a flame gules; in sinister base a crown on the second over a letter M of the third.


The flame in the upper left quadrant suggests the etymology of the Lenni Lenape Indian word metachen, meaning firewood.  This symbol is also associated with the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles at Pentecost, and is a traditional emblem of charity, the highest of Christian virtues.

The shield is divided by a cross, the principal symbol of Christian faith, into four quadrants representing the four counties of the Diocese.  The cross is in the form known as moline, as in the arms of the Diocese of Trenton from which the Diocese of Metuchen was divided.

The letter ‘M’ in the lower right quadrant is taken from the arms of Saint John Paul II who established the Diocese and stands for the name of Mary. It is surmounted by a crown, thus suggesting the Queenship of Mary, under whose Marian title the diocese is entrusted as the principal patroness.