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Our Lady of Fatima Parish

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To: 50 Van Winkle Place
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Office Address:
50 Van Winkle Place
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Web: www.olfparish.org
Email: olfpiscataway@optonline.net
Phone: (732) 968-5555
Fax: (732) 968-5959

County: Middlesex
Deanery: Middlebrook Deanery
Affiliated Churches: Our Lady of Fatima Church
Affiliated Apostolates: Filipino Apostolate
Established: 1948

Pastors and Deacons:

PastorRev. Arlindo Paul Da Silva
Pastor EmeritusRev. Herbert J. Stab
Parochial VicarRev. Virgilio T. Tolentino
In ResidenceRev. A. David Chalackal, CMI
In ResidenceRev. Louis A. Mattina
Deacon Stanley J. Lorenc
Deacon Lawrence P. Reilly
Deacon William P. Rider