Bishop's Annual Appeal

Grace, Mercy and Peace      

      Every year Catholic dioceses throughout the country conduct an annual appeal to help sustain important ongoing ministries.  In the Diocese of Metuchen, our Bishop’s Annual Appeal launches every September.  It is challenging to sufficiently cover all of the programs and services provided by the more than 25 diocesan ministries supported by the appeal in our literature, and even more difficult to convey the personal impact that these ministries have on the lives of so many men, women and children.

      For that reason, we invite you to take the time to read the 2015 Ministry Magazine, which offers a closer look at some of the people whose lives have been touched by your generosity to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  When the 2015-2016 campaign kicks off in a few weeks, I ask you to remember these stories and the good that is being done in your name.

      The theme of this year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal, Grace, Mercy and Peace, will present an opportunity for us to reflect on God’s favor, both in our own lives and as the Catholic Church.  It will also be a reminder that we are called to respond to God’s never-ending compassion to us by extending His love and mercy to our brothers and sisters.  As a diocesan family, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through our financial support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  We encourage every family to participate in this important fundraising effort so the Diocese of Metuchen may always be a visible sign of Christ’s love in the world.

      Thank you for your prayerful consideration and your sacrificial and generous support.



Visit our Online Donation site to donate online using credit card or debit card. For assistance or questions, please call (732) 562-2429 or (732) 562-2432 email us at

We are grateful for your support.  Thank you.



Please send your contribution to:

         Diocese of Metuchen
         2014 Bishop’s Annual Appeal
         PO Box 4000
         Metuchen, NJ 08840


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