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The Principal Advisory Council (PAC) is a representative group of principals that meet six times per year with personnel from the Office of Schools and the Office of Religious Education.

Elementary schools are divided into five geographic regions in the Diocese of Metuchen and there is one high school region.

Each region elects one principal to represent them on the Principal Advisory Council and these principals are empowered, in collaboration with the diocesan personnel, to discuss and recommend on issues such as diocesan policy, professional development for principals and teachers, Catholic Identity in the schools, supervision and appraisal process for principals and teachers, development, governance, enrollment and retention trends, student achievement results, student conduct codes, schools safety practices, school advisory councils, viability assessments, funding and grants for federal and state programs, Middle States accreditation, strategic and budget planning, religious education and campus ministry in the schools, testing and measurement of student performance, capital improvement, and curriculum development.

The PAC principals then convene meetings with the principals in their region and solicit their input on the current issues and concerns. This input is then looped back to all the PAC members as feedback and the cycle of communication continues.

Forms and Plans

Before you move ahead, you have to reflect back on this year. As principal, how do you say your year enfolded? Did you meet your goals - as expected? Perhaps you had such a great year that you exceeded your wildest dreams. Sometimes, our best dreams are dimmed because of unexpected happenings. Perhaps you did not meet your best goals. Dream anew on how you will improve as principal next year.


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